Hello and welcome to my brand new guide to the Italian world of My little pony. This site is divided into several sections, and to not get lost just follow this very basic directions: if you want to know more about ponies made in italy, then, simply click on THE PONIES button. The THINGS option will lead to a page where you will have a look at MLP ads, and general italian mlp merchandise, plus, in the section you'll find infos on italian playsets and a complete list of italian pony names. Also, any weird theory about the origin of ponies, and misc information will be found there. GDF is my shrine to the italian MLP comic magazine, and contain some beautiful pictures. MOC&MIB is a guide to the italian packages, while WANT/SELL is of course my very own sale place. LINKS will take you to a list of interesting places in the web where to find more info about the italian ponies; also, you will find links the homepages of people who helped me making this place as complete as possible. Have fun!

Any important information or update made will be posted. At the moment, of course, the biggest news is that this new version is online! ;)

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