Welcome to PullipKiss' shop!
we specialize in handmade socks and underwear for your Pullips (or for other dolls, upon request), and we have a large selection of cute fabrics. Please keep on reading for details and photos
All socks fit all 3 Pullip body types, and are hand and machine sewn, and carefully checked for flaws.

socks sizes and prices
-very long socks (almost thights lenght) $4
-long socks (over knee) $3.50
-short socks (below knee) $3
-underwear set $7 (including long socks)
Discounts on multiple purchases :)

How to place an order:
mail me at: pullipkiss@fastwebnet.it with your order (how many socks you want, the lenght, the fabric, the trim)

Most of the socks are made depending on the orders I recieve for them, so please allow up to one week before delivery. If the socks you want are already made, though, will be sent 1-2 days after we receive the payment

It may happen that I am going through a busy time, but I will make clear about the waiting time before accepting an order.

Please allow me a couple of days time to reply to the emails.

shipping and payment
Shipping will be from Italy. Shipping for one-two pairs of socks, worldwide, is $1.50-$2, depending on where you live.
I accept payments via paypal, or cash sent at buyer's risk.


White and black stripes

Cherry blossoms
(see picture in this page,)
Desserts designs on a pink background. Medium size prints, but looks nice anyway =)
Flowers, hearts and stars
rainbow stripes 1
Magenta flowers
Deep red
Rainbow stripes 2
Pink/aqua dots
White/red dots (black trim)
Yellow/green dots (pink trim)
Thin white/light blue stripes
(smooth, synthetic fabric, a bit like a swimming suit's)
Roses and stripes
Black/dusty blue
pink dots and checkered
mauve and pinkish stripes
Fishnets (pale aqua tone)
Fishnets (blue)
Fishnets (purple)
Fishnets (pink)
Fishnets (neon yellow/green)
Fishnets (baby pink)

Pink/white stripes
White with light blue stars
Pink background with golden glittery stars and big colorful dots.
Black and white poodles on a pink background. Pretty big prints (about two poodles per pullip leg XD)
neon pink dots on white background. very shiny :P not very elastic, so please specify body type if you want to order long/v.long socks.
Snails and mushrooms, thick, soft fabric. Available for knee lenght socks only. ALMOST OUT.
Aqua/white dots


NOTE: All fishnets are of lovely quality, super streatchable and resistant. Fit all 3 body types, plus obitsu bodies. I guarantee the seams won't rip =)
The fishnets are very long, and are made of two "pieces". You may even put a different colour of fishnet on each leg of your Pullip :P

Please keep in mind that some fabrics are available in very limited quantities. All fabrics are unused and new!If you want to know more about the fabric's details/thinness/materials, please email me ^_^


(available when socks don't have a trim already. Elastic. Not necessary on long socks, but look nice on knee lenght ones ^^)

Cherry blossoms Underwear sets (socks included) $7

Some pics of sold socks/underwear and examples of already made socks

All enquiries should be sent at : pullipkiss@fastwebnet.it
Thanks for your visit!