about me....                                        

Above: my (loose ponies) Italian collection, circa 2004

One of the few surviving pieces of my...mlp art. I am not sure how old I was back then...maybe 8-9?


My online nickname is lovelytickle, but my real name is Paola :) I am 22 years old and I live in Milano, Italy.
I grew up with the ponies...since I was...two years old, for birthdays, Christmas and every other possible gift-receiving occasion, I always asked for ponies. When I stopped playing with them, I had put together a collection of more than 80 ponies.
I started collecting again in the early 1999, when I found out that...wow! there were ponies on ebay!
Sincs then, I've never stopped collecting, and I don't think I will anytime soon.
I launched my first (and the first ever!) webpage about italian ponies in..circa 2002, but now I hope this one will be a more "ultimate" one, sinec I've updated not only the graphic, but also the contents, with many Italian ponies that were unknown just a few years ago!