o When did the start and when did they stop producing ponies in italy?

Well, the first were the collector pose ponies, in 1982, and the last were the rainbow ponies. After that, they stopped making the ponies in Italy, and started importing them from Honk Kong and China.

o What's the difference between DAG and GIG?

Making things short, DAG was bought by GIG (a much bigger toy company) sometimes in the later 80's. Pity is, they used the same packages for ponies all around europe, ending the glorious era of the uniqueDAG packages.

o I have some pics of an italian pony/item I would like to know more about...can I ask you about it?

Of course! I am always happy to help. Go ahead, but please remember that it might take me a couple of days before replying.
I can be reached at this address:
my email address

more questions and answers coming soon....

o my cottoncandy/Twilight/firefly is more white than pink: is she a variation?

Unfortunately, not: the pink plastic used for these ponies fade very easily: to be 100% sure,anyway, please check the inside of the pony. The ponies don't fade inside!

o my cotton candy has white hair...did it fade?

No: CC's hair pink doesn't fade, so you have one of the nice cotton candy variations :)

o I can't find anymore your italian ponies pricing guide...where is it?

Well, I decided to take it down, as we all know the italian pony market fluctuates a lot : I am available for any pricing suggestions, anyway!