History of MLP
made in Italy

of packaging the ponies from the first set, in clear plastic platform..things

. The weird color variations (like yellow minty) were produced later in DAG's production, and were sold loose, with a random comb (even a sea pony's one!) However, the end of the ponies produced in Italy doesn't end the DAG era. In fact, some sets of ponies were imported from HK-China but had DAG packaging, such as the princesses, baby ponies, flutters atc..

So, what happened then? another, -bigger- toy company called GIG bought DAG in the end of 80's/early 90's, :ponies were all imported from China and Honk Kong, just like the US ones. Also, the packaging art changed , becoming more "international" (the cards and boxes from this period are the same as those sold in the rest of europe at that time)

Sets of ponies made in Italy produced by DAG:

-Collector pose set ( Blossom, Bluebelle, Butterscotch (white hair), minty, Snuzzle, cotton candy)

-Earth ponies set (bowtie, bubbles, seashell, applejack, polly, cotton candy, bluebelle)

-Unicorns and pegs (Glory, Moondancer, Firefly, Medley,Twilight, Sunbeam)

-Earth ponies second set (white tootsie, cherries jubilee, lickety split, minty, blossom, buttescotch)

-Unicorns and pegs second set (surprise, heart throb, skyflier, powder, gusty, sparkler)

-Rainbow ponies (windy, moonstone, parasol, sunlight, skydancer, starshine)

-Rainbow ponies second set (tickle, flutterby, confetti, trickes,pinwheel, starflower)

-Playsets: Pretty parlour (with peachy), Show stable (with lemondrop or brown butterscotch), Dream castle (with Re Unicorno), Waterfall (NON Italian pony included), Lullabye nursery (baby was NOT italian), baby buggy (baby was NOT italian)

-Later color variations

NOTE: Some ponies that are marked as made in Italy, might not has been sold on the italian market. My suspects are for Hopscotch, the variation sea pony, Applejack in collector pose and Bowtie in collector pose.

Just like other European -but not only- countries (for exampl France, Spain, Greece..) in Italy, in the early 80's the company that produced MLP, DAG, was probably pretty much free to reinterpretate its ponies (on guide character lines given by Hasbro). Result of this freedom was, for example, the Italian majesry (Re Unicorno) which is sensibly different to the Majesty sold anywhere else in the world.
Ponies were actually made in Italy for a pretty much short period of time, though: from the early 80's: from about '83 to..87-88, but unfortuantely I don't have precise informations about this.

DAG production is remarkable also for the wonderful package design, and even the unique way