Other websites of interest about Italian My little ponies:

My friend Sosilver has a wonderful collection of Italian ponies (and not only!) and has gorgeous photos!

Rita is another friend interested into variation, Italian ponies and their history :) Check out her websites, they're both very informative!

Il Diario della Felicità

Witchy' stable
Eugeal has a very pretty site! Includes scan of GDF magazines, photos, and art!

Kcat's site: her collection includes many, many variations from all around the world, categorized for country for easy consultation. HIGHLY RECOMMENDED!
Also a great resource for G3 ponies.

Other interesting websites:

My friend Marco Albiero page of fanart dedicated to MLP! He is an awesome artist! NOTE: please do not steal his art!

Fantastic place to talk about MLP! Includes forums, galleries, activities and much more!

MLP forum since 1996! I defenitely recommend it for MLP discussion :)
(and I am one of the moderators there, too)

Lavonia's website: great for ID ponies and for all kind of informations. I love it!

Silverfall's ponytopia is the greatest resource for G3 ponies. Includes many useful links! Great site :)

Pranceatron's Toys
Fantastic site that sells many 80's toys, included, of course, MLP. Great prices :) Defenitely worth bookmarking!

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