-Dream castle (Ca'stell)
(included Re Unicorno; 2 pose variations)

-Lallbye Nursery (Ninnananna nursery)

-Baby buggy (pony car)
(came with baby pony NOT made in Italy)

Waterfall (Cascastella)
(pony included is NOT italian)

(image coming soon)

Playsets not sold by DAG but sold in Italy anyway by GIG:

-Baby Bonnet scool of dance

-Pretty parlour (later release with Kisscurl)

-Show stable (with CHINA lemondrop)

-Paradise estate


-Pretty Parlour (la dolce stalletta)
(included peachy made in Italy)

-Showstable(la stalla delle stelle)
(Includes lemondrop made in Italy or, if a later release, brown butterscotch)