Pony wear...
(pony look)

Mother and baby wear:

-Al sole

-Corsa nel parco

-Passeggiata nel parco

-Prime donne

-Pattinaggio artistico

-Sotto la pioggia

Note: of some outfits there are 2 different releases. The first releases have a simpler card art (for example, see Pattinaggio artistico), the second releases have a more intricated picture, with flashier clolrs (see Buon compleanno for an example)

I am still looking for the following outfits MOC (on DAG card only, of course):

Alta Moda
Oggi Sposi
Trine e Perle
San Valentino
Miss universo Arcobaleno
Il the delle Cinque
Ciak, si gira

Backcards: 1st edition, 2nd edition

(click on the name to see a pic of the item, MOC -if available-)

See pictures of Italian ads for ponywear here

- Buon Compleanno

-City Kids

-Alta Moda

-Oggi sposi

-Pattinaggio artistico

-Trine e perle

-San Valentino

-Miss Universo Arcobaleno

-Il thè delle cinque

-Ciak, si gira

-Flash dance

-Sogni d'oro

-Rodeo del west

-La grande parata

-Pom pom pony

-Ballo a corte

-Torneo di tennis

-Having a luau

-Neon Lights