ponies up for sale!





-Italian waterfall playset (Cascastella) MIB, just missing the pony.
Great conditions, box made by DAG. (photo to be added soon, or can be requested via email if interested)

-Italian carry case (stellabus)
Mint, unused, with stickers. (you can see a pic in the "things" section.


On the top of my italian ponies want list, are:

+ butterscotch brown with white hair
+yellow moondancer
+yellow minty with purple,red or white  hair
+minty with 8 clovers.

+Flutterby (upgrade, mint cond)
+bowtie (upgrade)
+twilight (upgrade, must be bright pink)
+parasol (hair variation upgrade needed!)
+bluebelle (upgrade, mint)
+Surprise (must have curls!)
+Re Unicorno

I'm alwats looking for upgardes for my not-so-mint ponies!
I'm also looking for MIB DAG ponies, and any italian stuff, such as issues of GDF, postcards, etc etc

+ Princess Serena MIB in DAG box
+ Italian flutters MIB in DAG box.
+ WW,Newborn twins and more MIB


My References:

I've been trading, selling and buying for many years now.
You can ask for references at the MLPTP (www.mlptp.net) : I've been a member there since 2001, with the nickname "lovelytickle"

Or, you can check out my ebay feedback! (my ebay ID is lovelytickle)